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Professional sales management software

Simple – Powerful – Exactly


Why customers should use aipos sales management software

Simple, easy to use

Simple software interface, just 5 minutes to get used to is usable. You can sell on both tablets and phones.

Suitable for many industries

Together with experienced sales professionals, we researched and developed software suitable for many industries for both wholesale and retail.

Low cost, high efficiency

Free installation, deployment fees, upgrades and support. At a cost of only VND 3,000 / day, you can apply technology 4.0 to store management.

Managing store chains, many warehouses

Control the status of goods in each store to have the plan to export and import goods and transfer goods between locations in a quick and reasonable way.

Manage sales staff

Does your store chain have 10 or 100 employees? AIPOS helps you to control all employees’ sales activities without time-consuming monitoring

Inter-store control report

Manage all sales, profit, cost, inventory information by each store, easily compare and compare each warehouse to help managers make accurate decisions.

Sales when losing connected networks

In case of sudden loss of network, the system can still operate normally and the data is synchronized after the network is available

Create multiple orders at once

Salespeople can create multiple orders at the same time and can pay any order in case the previous order is temporarily suspended. And the order can be used after that.

Provide many methods of stimulus

Provide a variety of discounts, points, and customers’ preferences.

Customer management

Manage all customers in the system and manage points of each customer, customer store debt, Support payment of orders with points for customers

Sales statistics

Statistics of sales for each cashier, each salesperson in each store during the period

Supplier management

Supplier management and statistics of each order and data collection and order of each supplier

What customers say when using software services of aipos

Customer satisfaction is the goal that wants to aim for. We always listen and absorb all feedback from customers.

From the use of the software you introduced. I find it simple to manage many of the goods in different locations. Inventory and inventory management are very detailed and specific. The software is great

Rating: 5

From the day of being introduced and using the software to your drug stores. I found the software aipos provided by your party very well, not only helps me sell products but also helps me manage my employees and goods effectively.

Rating: 5

All day sales invoices are easily managed, each item's sales are reported quickly and clearly. I did not spend much time synthesizing sales reports in stores

Rating: 5

AIPOS software is designed to be easy to use, convenient for sales in kiosks, mini supermarkets. I no longer have to remember the prices of items to sell in the store. With a multi-bill payment feature, it helps me solve the problem that customers do not have to wait when customers are paying again

Rating: 5

Since using AIPOS sales management software. The software helps me sell goods, manage goods in stores simply and conveniently and manage with many of the groceries that I am trading. The software is very good and the custom

Anh Cao
Rating: 5
Invoices are processed daily
Customers have positive feedback on AIPOS software and AIPOS customer care service.
Agents, shops trust and use AIPOS software

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