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AIPOS- Phần mềm quản lý bán hàng chuyên nghiệp

Giúp bạn bán hàng nhanh chóng, tiết kiệm đến 80% chi phí quản lý



Simple, easy to use

AIPOS sales management software provides customers with a simple, user-friendly, and convenient interface, which supports sales on every device at the counter and mobile. It only takes 5 minutes to get familiar with the software that you can create orders, print invoices, sell professionally.

Detailed, accurate, easy-to-understand reports

Detailed reporting system, display by numbers and visual charts help you monitor and capture the overall effectiveness of stores and branches, revenue of each employee as well as all sports history Trading deals of the day.

Make multiple orders at once

Not only creating orders quickly, AIPOS also allows you to create multiple orders at once and display right on a sales POS screen. It is very easy for you to create multiple orders at the same time, manipulate other orders if there is a shortage of goods, lack of codes or customers do not get enough.

Sales when the internet is lost

No internet connection? No problem! AIPOS will automatically switch to Offline sales mode when the network is lost. You can still create orders and sell goods to normal customers because all operations and sale history will be saved and synchronized as soon as there is an internet connection again.


Flexible warehouse management

AIPOS statistics import and export goods in a detailed and accurate way to help you inventory simple goods, easily grasp the number of selling goods, inventory to have a reasonable business plan.

Synchronize website and manage Online transactions

With just a few simple steps to synchronize the Sales Website with AIPOS software, you can manage online orders easily, track order status, packaging, shipping and delivery of goods to customers quickly. , avoid losses, confused orders thoroughly.

Application of modern technology

AIPOS applies modern cloud computing technology, all data and sales history, import and export of goods are backed up to the system. Whether you are on a business trip or on a trip, you can still grasp the business situation, update information, sell goods prices, and create simple promotions easily.

Maximize the cost of sales management

Believe it or not, from 4k / day, you can manage the whole store from inventory, take care of customers to monitor the performance of each employee easily and accurately.


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